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Taif University

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Location: PO. B: 888 Postal Code: 21974 , Ţā'īf, , Saudi Arabia     | Postal Address:21974

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About the Taif University

A Royal Decree (No. 115 dated 27/2/1400) was issued to establish the College of Education in Taif. The new college was then part of King Abdul Aziz University, headquartered in Jedda. After the opening of Umm Al-Qura University, the College of Education in Taif became part of the new university. Enrollment was then 85 male students and 180 female students in the following fields: 1. Islamic Studies 2. Arabic 3. English 4. Mathematics 5. Biology 6. Education (an ancillary department) In 1419, Royal Decree No. 17 (dated 6/4/1419) was issued to establish the College of Science in Taif, and thus courses were given in the following fields: 1. Mathematics 2. Biology 3. Physics 4. Computer Science Today, Taif University is located within the precincts of King Saud's Palace in Hawiyya, an outlying suburb of Taif, about 25 km due north. The campus, whose area is approximately 380,000 square meters, consists of three palaces that have been restored and renovated in such a way that combines modernity and technology on the one hand with majestic antiquity and traditional architecture on the other. The College of Education and the Central Library are currently located in the Government Palace, while the University Administration is located in the Residential Palace, which is connected to the Government Palace by a 200-meter long corridor. The third palace, which formerly belonged to the King's mother, is where the Heritage Museum will be.

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