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Jordan University of Science and Technology

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Location: PO Box 3030, Irbrid, Irbrid, Jordan     | Postal Address:22110

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Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Jordan

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About the Jordan University of Science and Technology

JUST is a fast growing and dynamic university. Though young, the University has expanded dramatically since its inception in 1986. Our figures speak for themselves. A total of 2,300 students were enrolled in 1986. Now 18,850 undergraduate students and 1559 graduate students are enrolled at the University. Each year the University grants over 3000 Bachelor and Master Degrees. The University started with 110 faculty members; now it hosts 750 faculty, of which 109 are full professors. The steady enrolment of the student body is grounded on the University's vision to raise and maintain the standards of higher education in Jordan, in parallel with national educational policies. JUST employs all possible means to remain a forefront institution amongst Jordanian universities. Our leading theme is serving the national economy through qualifying graduates with the potentials to contribute to the productivity of the local industry, be it in the fields of medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, engineering, agriculture, veterinary medicine, computer science or natural sciences. The University has always remained true to its sense of community and social responsibility for which it was founded. This is the place where theory and practice are united, and where scientific Traditions and academic innovations meet. Our programs are not mere disciplines but fields of practice that are created and designed to qualify students for their prospective careers through which they can serve the community at large.To realize our vision, we have taken care to advance the standards of our faculty members. This begins with our scholarship program and ends with research funding. Of our faculty members, more than 400 have been sponsored to study at top universities around the world. Research funding has steadily grown, and an average of 200 research projects is sponsored and funded each year. As testimony to this development, JUST was ranked as the top research university in Jordan, and amongst the top 3% universities in the Islamic world, according to a study carried out by the Ankara-based Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Center for Islamic Countries (SESRTCIC). Technology is a cornerstone in supporting academic success ...

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List of Undergraduate Courses Offered :
Bachelor of Engineering
Bachelor of Computer and Information Technology
Bachelor of Medicine
Bachelor of Applied Medical Sciences
Bachelor of Dentistry
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Bachelor of Nursing
Bachelor of Science and Art
Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
Bachelor of Architecture and Design
List of Graduate Courses Offered:
Master of Engineering
Master of Computer and Information Technology
Master of Medicine
Master of Applied Medical Sciences
Master of Dentistry
Master of Pharmacy
Master of Nursing
Master of Science and Art
Master of Veterinary Medicine
Master of Architecture and Design
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