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University of Northeastern Philippines

The University had its humblest beginning in 1948 when a young lawyer, Felix Ordas Alfelor Sr. who was to become governor of Camarines Sur later, and his young teacher-wife Dr. Remedios Rigoroso Alfelor, started to operate a school in a small rented downtown of the Municipality of Iriga. The school known as Mabini College offer complete high school and degree courses in Education and Liberal Arts.The very encouraging response of the public of the quality of instruction and services offered by the new school was manifested by the ever increasing student enrollment year after year both on the high school and college levels. This enrollment trend prompted the young founder to buy a 17-hectare swampland, a garbage dumping area of the Municipality to developed as the future site of the physical development in the newly acquired site went hand-in-hand with the continuous curricular and instructional staff development of the school in the few years that followed after the school, transferred to its new site, the student enrollment registered a tremendous increase with the college now offering an expanded and more diversified degree and non-degree courses. Total land and physical plant development was completed in the early 1960s. In 1974, the College was granted by the Department of Education its University status and become known as the University of Northeastern Philippines Today, the University offers a post-tertiary of graduate course in Education, Business and Public Administration aside from the tertiary courses offering in Law, Nursing, Commerce, Education, Liberal Arts, Social Work, Criminology, Engineering, Architecture, Midwifery, etc. and non-degree technical skills, especially the out-of-school-youth. The University also offers complete high school (day and night) and elementary courses.

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City of Iriga, Camarines Sur, Philippines

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