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December 27, 2016

Why Study Overseas

Reasons why to study abroad

10 reasons to study overseas:

  • 1. Cultural exchange, understand and  appreciate  cultural differences.
  • 2. Open ones mind to new ideas and opportunities.
  • 3. To get out of the  environment one is in.
  • 4. Meet new people and expand ones appreciation for their differences.
  • 5. Learn patience and tolerance for others, their traditions, cultures and believes.
  • 6. Get a different prospective in life, business and career
  • 7. Learn to appreciate more the advantages and opportunities at home.
  • 8. Discover ways to improve or contribute to society
  • 9. Just to discover what a great world we live in and how many  wanderfull  places there are.
  • 10. Build your curriculum and gain experience.

My Decision to study abroad

One of the best decisions I ever made was to travel overseas to start my University course, I believed that the best excuse to travel was education, now I am certain that I made the right choice. I can tell you that my experience was not only enriched by the different educational perspectives I received, but also about the friendships and networking opportunities it created. Traveling opened my mind to a world of opportunities.

I wanted to outline the top 10 reasons why one should study  overseas, indifferent  of where you are from or where you are now. I believe these reasons may apply to a variety of circumstances and may help you open your prospective about the advantages of traveling and studding.

We are living in a globalized world, where air travel and international collaborations have open new frontiers. You can easily study in 4 different continents in the completion of your program, it may take you an extra year within transfer courses and differences in school schedules but it is possible to accomplish it within a reasonable budget, and the experiences, the nonworking opportunities and vision of the world will be an invaluable asset in what ever field of study you have chosen.

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