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May 29, 2016

Why should I go to University?

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Some reasons to go to University

One of many questions that come to mind as one prepares to leave secondary school is “Why should I go to University?”. The question may arise for different reasons that we will not go into detail into his article. In general we want to give you some of the main reasons why you should go to University.

  1. You should go to University because the experiences you gain there will be with you for the rest of your life. It will build your character and give you the opportunity to interact with people that can challenge your thinking and expand your potential giving you more tools for success.
  2. You should go to University because a university graduate can earn up to 30,000 dollars more than a high school graduate. This is to show you the immediate financial advantage. But if you are already making sufficient money or more money than a regular university graduate attending a university will give you the assurance to be on top of your game and secure your income for the future.
  3. You should go to University because it will open the door to many opportunities for work placement and entrepreneurship. It was while at university that GOOGLE, Facebook, and other big brands were conceived.
  4. You should go to University because it will give you the opportunity to interact with people of diverse background and cultures that can share your appreciation for diversity and better prepare you for a leadership role in society.
  5. You should go to University because it will change your prospective on life, it will give you confidence and credentials to approach life and succeed.
  6. Attending University may help you define yourself and explore your potential.
  7. By going to university you can create invaluable social skills and social aptitudes that can help you succeed in life.
  8. Wile in college or university you can grow your network and establish networking partnerships that can help you launch your ideas or create a business .

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