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December 27, 2016

What can I study at college or university?

Choosing a career is a very important part of life. It can be a very difficult and overwhelming especially when one considers that a job, career and field of study are not necessary interrelated. Then why should we make this task even more difficult? Our goal is to give you all the tools and information necessary to choose a field of study in relation to your desired career.

We have divided the different areas of college and university education into fields of study and organized following way:

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
    • In the field of Agriculture and Natural Resources preparation is made for careers such as Horticulturist, Veterinarian, Agricultural Engineer, Animal Breeder, Botanist, or Agronomist.
  • Arts & Humanities
    • An intellectually and personally satisfying field of study. Areas of study in this field develop the critical thinking, artistic skills, design and innovation that may be key to careers such as public administration, education, legal work, journalism and more to say.
  • Architecture
    • This is a competitive field of study, it demands hard work, academic development as well as artistry and creativity.
  • Business
    • The field of Business studies is one of the areas of higher demand today. There are vast career opportunities, such as in accounting, marketing and financing, or banking in which your skills and abilities are put in good use.
  • Communication & Media
    • This field of communication and media is designed to introduce students to the world of media and communications. It promotes teamwork, critical analysis, and expand your creativity. Most likely graduates of this course work as a publicist, journalist, news broadcaster or a reporter, photography, veejay, or a media commentator.
  • Cosmetology & Beauty
    • The field of cosmetology and Beauty is the right combination of education and experience that can offer a steady employment. Licensed cosmetologist and licensed aesthetician can work as hair stylist, pedicurist, skin care therapist, beauty consultant, beauty magazine editor, or a cosmetology instructor.
  • Culinary Arts & Food Services
    • It enhances skills in critical thinking and customer awareness. Aside from being a good food server or a chef you can also work as a writer, food critique or culinary instructor.
  • Cultural Studies & Languages
    • In this field of study, students are challenge with different languages, cultures, and literature from all over the world. This opens vast opportunities to pursue careers in international affairs, business, law, foreign service, or careers in education.
  • Design
    • There is always tough competition in this field of study, talent and enthusiasm are required. Design has a big part in today’s competitive world and designers are in high demand from manufacturers and entrepreneurs in different fields, from technology, clotting or decoration.
  • Education
    • This field trains and prepares the future teachers or educators. Here, teachers, instructors, professors and researchers develop their passion and philosophy. The aim is to provide high quality education for the next generation.
  • Engineering
    • Engineering is one of the most popular and potentially profitable college majors. This is a very demanding field of study and it enjoys one of the lowest unemployment rates. Preparation is made for careers such as in Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Nuclear Engineering.
  • Family and Consumer Science
    • This degree is a preparation for a career in a position such as Family Services, Family Educators, Parent Involvement Specialists, and Family Specialists. The study focus on the relationships among individual, family, and the community. Students learn about nutrition, child development, consumer economics, and furthermore about this major.
  • Fitness / Sports and Athletics
    • Fitness or Sports major is designed for students who love physical activities and active lifestyle and pursue them in an exciting careers such as Exercise Specialist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Athletic Director, Health/Fitness Instructor, Physical Therapist or Sports Event Coordinator.
  • Health & Medical Services
    • A personal satisfying career with many job opportunities are open in the field of Health and Medical services. Most likely, professionals from this field are working together to improve people’s health and human being.
  • Legal Areas & Law
    • This field is one of the toughest and well-respected course of studies in a university. It teachers how the laws can and should be implemented while preparing individuals for specialization in areas such as business law, environmental law, family law, taxes, and property law.
  • Life Skills Training
    • Programs in this field of study are designed for young students. It prepares individuals on how to manage social skills, self-management skills, as well as information and resistance skills specifically related to drugs and substance abuse.
  • Mathematics and Statistics
    • In this field of study, students enjoy an intellectual challenge, this prepares and helps individuals become the best statistician and mathematicians, either for research, teaching or scientific use.
  • Medicine
    • Studying medicine molds students and prepares them for a profession of high commitment. This is a life-changing career that brings prestige in the form of a medical doctor pledge to save lives.
  • Natural Sciences
    • Natural Science is a wide area of study about the natural world and it’s environment. It has different perspectives or areas of study to choose from: physical, chemical, mathematical, environmental, and geological, among others.
  • Security and Protective Service
    • A degree in Security and Protective service educates one on topics related to security threat assessment, security analysis and evaluation, national security emergency training, counter terrorism, and even how to assess, plan and implement strategies.
  • Social Sciences
    • In this field, one develops knowledge and skills about social related issues like identifying and analyzing social issues, and developing and proposing possible interventions. Some related careers are: archaeologist, job analyst, sociologist, among others.
  • Social Work
    • This is a personally rewarding career. In this profession one learns about counseling and how to manage casework. With a degree in social work, you can work as a case manager, counselor, advocate, or policy analyst.
  • Technology & Computer Sciences
    • A highly competitive and progressive field of study. In this ever growing and expanding field of study one never knows what the future may hold. The sky is not the limit, some people say.
  • Theology and Religion
    • This field focuses on studies of scripture, ancient text, history and archaeology. Two prominent areas of study are mission or service oriented education, which prepares priests and pastors for service in their different denominations, and academic oriented degrees.
  • Veterinary Medicine
    • Many opportunities are offered in the field of veterinary medicine. Individuals may specialize in animal or pet health care as well as an always expanding list of programs. Graduates from this courses can choose to work in clinical practice or veterinary research.

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